Heritage History

 Well, we suppose it is best to begin at the beginning.  

In 1978 Jean Miller was married to John Miller of Miller Auction. He had recently started Miller Auction Services  after an early retirement from being a school teacher.  A dear friend of John's wanted John to auction his household, when John saw his home, he knew and told the man that an auction would be near criminal.  This man had many wonderful and valuable personal items- John Miller of course knowing these items would only sell for the highest bid which would likely not do justice to the actual value of the items. Naturally, this is where John volunteered his wife Jean (not clear if Jean was aware she was being volunteered at first) to have an estate sale at his home to attempt to get closer to the value for his personal belongings.  This was the very first estate sale Heritage conducted in 1978. 

Jean Miller has been operating Heritage Estate Sales since then, now she is delicately and diligently guiding Renee and Flo to continue the very same traditions and high standards which Heritage has become known for.