Thurs April 20th through April 22nd (61114)

The years spent collecting are evident in this lovely home filled with gorgeous items made available to you in part by Heritage Estate Sales.

 A beautiful collection of brooches...some signed, some Sterling, some just nice, big and BLINGY!! 

There is also a selection of loose gemstones, and settings to fit them in.  

Vintage hair combs and hat pins are in abundance as well as jewelry making supplies.  

 The doll collection consists of Vogue Ginny Dolls, Madame Alexander Dolls, Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls, Barbies and more. There are also many Baby Dolls, Gone With the Wind Dolls and even some Trolls! Doll furniture, clothing and accessories and the books on collecting them are all in "The Doll Room". 

 The pottery is the real star of the show in this home! There is an amazing collection of Roseville and Hull pieces, not to be outdone by the amount of Frankoma and Carmark.  There is also a variety of McCoy, Redwing, a few pieces of Weller, Cowen and so many wall pockets and flower pots. 

 Glass, glass, beautiful glass...every color of the rainbow!  Milk glass, ruby red, cobalt, Luster ware, pink and green depression glass, Carnival glass, clear and cut glass.  We're hoping for nice, sunny days for the sale so it can all shine!! 

 Christmas spirit is alive and well here!  There is an entire town of Colonial Village light-up buildings and accessories!  Most have their boxes, but needed to come out to show off their detail!  There are glass ornaments, nutcrackers, wreaths, figurines, linens etc.  There are a couple of other holidays represented as well. HoHoHo!!

 There are a lot of sweet, little furniture pieces here that would be great project pieces for you to try your hand at painting and re-finishing, or just leave them as is and enjoy them in a rustic state.  Chairs, little tables, book shelves, magazine racks are looking for a new lease on life! Re-purpose, up-cycle, rescue,  whatever you call it,  we might have just the thing!!